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Pirate Ninja

Sorry, but this LJ is friends only. Comment and I will probably…

Pirate Ninja

Pirate Johnny

Concentrate on what doesn't lie: the evidence.

Pirate Johnny
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Sorry, but this LJ is friends only. Comment and I will probably add you.
  • Welcome to the dark side.
  • do do do! add me! :)
    • or rather, keep me on your friends list. :)
      • Of course I will, can't get rid of a sweetie like you. It's great to have a fellow Ga girl around, so someone knows when im mentioning things that happen around here. Oh btw, you should head over to Goody's in Griffin, they got a GREAT sale going on. Alot of cute stuff, and after all the stuff has been totaled up, they'll take another 10% off, and this is also no tax weekend thingie. Yeah im becoming a fashion nut.
  • Howdy! I'm the lady who answered a question of yours about where to buy jewelry on craftgrrl. I wanted to let you know that I sell jewelry on Etsy and through LJ. My etsy store is http://beadgaldesigns.etsy.com and through LJ at beadgaldesigns. They have pretty much the same things, so feel free to visit and take a look. You can contact on my LJ or email me at beadgaldesigns at gmail dot com if you're interested in anything.

    Sorry if this was unwanted, but I wanted to let you know without breaking the rules at craftgrrl.

    • Hey! Wow your stuff is awesome! Man it makes me jealous, because I could never make such neat jewelry and I probably wouldn't have the patience either. I'm interested in a few things there, but I'm going to have to wait til my next paycheck. And it feels like forever before I'll finally be able to get it.

      I understand, I was wondering myself if posting what I did would be breaking the rules since I was technically wanting places that I could buy stuff from. I can't blame them though, I've seen plenty of good communities turned into crap by tons of people posting things like "Go here and buy this!".
      • thanks! and no need to hurry. I don't think I'm going anywhere any time soon :-)

        Yeah, I understand completely why the community is run the way it is. It's a little frustrating to work around it, but I totally get it. Too many art communities turn into spam central when they start to let the adverts in. I shouldn't say too much b/c I spam on my selling journal, I just try to keep it to communities set up specifically for selling things rather than going where I'm not wanted.

  • myspace

    hey thought i would give u my, live journal...add me...later
  • Add me!!

    yoohoo! It's Sharmeen, this is my new LJ an it makes even less sense than my last!! Hope you're good and life is nice and simple for ya!
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